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AOL Fanhouse

Aug 29, 2006, 12:06 PM EDT

Some of you or may not have noticed, but AOL has launched a new network of sports blogs for football called the Fanhouse.

From Mediapost:

The first set of blogs–which quietly rolled out last week–are devoted
to the NFL, with AOL Sports now hosting one blog for each of the 32
professional NFL teams as well as a handful of other blogs devoted to
subjects like fantasy football. The new blog section, dubbed
"Fanhouse," will soon add more than 40 additional blogs devoted to
college football. AOL is paying all of the new bloggers for each entry
they write.

The goal, says Neal Scarbrough, General Manager of AOL Sports, is to
increase the amount of time users spend on AOL’s sports section. "AOL
wants to crank up our sports coverage as a whole," he said, adding that
the company specifically wants to boost user engagement.

I signed on and will be blogging for them about the Eagles.  There is some great content already over there, so definitely check it out.  I’ll still be posting plenty here at The 700 Level, this will just likely mean more of my opinions on the internet.

-The NFL Fanhouse [AOL]
-The Eagles Fanhouse [AOL]


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