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Ashley Fox is Misguided

May 5, 2006, 11:03 AM EDT

I promise after this weekend I will never post about Barry Bonds ever.. for a couple of days at least.  Today Ashley Fox calls Bonds the most polarizing athlete of our time.

No matter what the Phillies do for security, or how many undercover cops are in the stands, or how many uncomplimentary signs are confiscated, someone is going to do something stupid. This is Barry Bonds we’re talking about, the most polarizing athlete in sports today, one you either think is:

(a) the greatest slugger of our time or…

(b) the biggest steroid user we’ve ever seen.

Who in the world thinks Barry Bonds is the greatest slugger of our time?  Really.  To get to the bottom of it all, Ashley talks to the little people, the cheesesteak eaters.

"I think they’re going to boo the hell out of him, and I think they should," 31-year-old Matt Schwartz said yesterday while eating a cheesesteak at Tony Luke’s on Oregon Avenue. "My only concern is if it’s going to bring negative attention to Philadelphia. Again."

I don’t know about you, but I don’t really care what kind of attention Philadelphia gets.  Then the Phillies are getting all Big Brother on us in regards to what kind of signs you can or can’t display.

For the record, according to the Phillies guest code of conduct for Citizens Bank Park – which, the code reads, is "a baseball ballpark and not a forum for public discussion" – signs related to a player can reference only his "on-field activities and performance." Meaning, no steroid talk.

Maybe I’ll just go to the ballet tonight because god forbid any sports fans be hostile.

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