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Beard Recognize Beard

Jan 10, 2010, 2:19 PM EDT

Ken Rosenthal, Jon Heyman, Buster Olney, Tom Verducci, Jayson Stark, etc. All of these guys have some pretty insightful opinions when it comes to predicting where free agents will end up signing, but they all also lack one important thing: a beard.

That's why after watching this animation of Kevin Youkilis' Beard of Truth making a plea for the Red Sox to sign free agent outfielder Jayson Werth, I am convinced the Beard will be wearing a Boston jersey next season.

Also, I believe they coined a new amazing word: "borgy"

"Beard-on-beard action. It sells tickets, Theo. Think about it. Moneyyyyy," the Truth pleads to Red Sox GM Theo Epstein. "We could have a beard orgy. A Borgy!"

It's not over yet, but the Beards appear to be aligning against us.

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