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Bill Guerin Takes Flyers’ Tryout Offer

Sep 13, 2010, 11:16 PM EDT

40 year old Guerin Bill Guerin sounds as though he wants to play this season as a Flyer. Until now, the two sides have danced a little with regard to his status, with invites to skate and ongoing discussions about a deal. Guerin's side wanted a full contract while the Flyers wanted a tryout deal. Earlier today, they settled on the latter. 

Timmy P has much more on the deal here, including how Guerin could be a motivating force for others in camp, whether he makes the team or not. The roster is crowded, but there's apparently still room for some competition. Good. No room for complacency when you're currently only second best. Guerin could still have plenty left in the tank to steal someone's job, too.

Photoshop courtesy the one and only Digi… Visit his site here. After the jump, a look at Guerin wearing Flyers gear.


Photo by Lady Neat.