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Bill Walton Takes a Stroll on the Strip

Feb 17, 2007, 6:45 AM EDT

In the span of about 15 minutes, after leaving Elton John’s Red Piano concert at Caesar’s, we bumped into Dr. J. with Bill Russell, Bill Lambier, and the drunkest of the bunch, Bill Walton.  The Doc and Russell were leaving the Elton John show outside of Caesar’s Coliseum just minding their business.  Noteworthy: the acquaintances that the Doc had on his arm couldn’t have been older than mid twenties.  Great work.  Bill Lambier was HUGE.

While sitting on the strip outside of Caesar’s enjoying a beer around midnight, a wobbly 7 foot man comes strolling down the sidewalk looking rather lost.  Bill Walton was doing the same exact thing I was doing on Friday night, boozing and wandering the strip.  But, at least I wasn’t alone (Update: someone tells us that the short lady is Bill’s wife, so maybe he wasn’t alone, but he certainly was wandering off by himself) and had my cohort Fun Mike to badger the NBA legend with questions.  "Are you Bill Walton from the NBA?" … no response.  "Bill! I’m a big fan!" … no verbal response but some sort of thumbs up was given.  The NBA legend seemed toasted and appeared to have no real good idea where he was going.  The big man was certainly throwing it down on Friday night in Vegas.

I can’t recollect exactly what Fun Mike is saying to Walton in the below photo, but I’m guessing it was something like, "What Dude!?  Unbroken Chain from the Spectrum in ’95 was awesome!"



Day 1 of our Vegas adventure was sick.  We hit up the Celebrity game, Jam Session, Elton John, etc.

The Celebrity game was rather lackluster, except for Reggie Bush, who showed he can ball a little by hitting some three pointers from almost half court.  The celebrity game could be summarized with a single image: Bobby Flay being guarded by Carrot Top.

Other celeb sightings on Friday included Dominique Wilkons, Jason Kidd, Sir Charles, John Starks, BJ Armstrong, etc.   I’ve got plenty more pictures that need to be uploaded.