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Bobby Seems to be Doing Alright

Aug 22, 2006, 7:33 PM EDT

So it turns out that Bobby Abreu wasn’t being lazy out there in right field, he just isn’t capable of being unnerved.  In case you missed it, the Yankees swept the Red Sox over the weekend in a 5 game series and Abreu had the go ahead RBI in Monday’s game.

Abreu was profiled today in the New York Times.  It seems as if they can’t get enough Abreu in the Bronx.

Joe Torre thinks so:

If the Yankees remain ahead of the Red Sox, Torre agreed that Abreu
would represent the reason why. Torre said Abreu’s at-bats were so
shrewd, so professional, that there were no situations that unnerved

Derek Jeter thinks so:

Derek Jeter,
who bats in front of Abreu, said Abreu “seems like a perfect fit for
this team” and noted that Abreu’s defense in right field had been above
average, too. Johnny Damon, who belongs to the Abreu school of irking
pitchers by extending at-bats, has been stunned with how Abreu never
gives in.

And Bobby himself seems to agree:

“This is the right team,” Abreu said. “This is the right time.”

-Abreu Has Become a Natural Fit in a Patient and Powerful Lineup [NYTimes]