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Boston Police to Press Charges

Apr 20, 2005, 9:20 AM EDT

I think pressing charges on these two fans is pretty ridiculous.  I’m sure nothing serious will come of it, but the fact that it is being done is stupid in my opinion.  It was a bad incident, but no one was really hurt so let it be.  It’s like when A.I. drives to the lane and gets bumped a little and falls down, but it isn’t really a foul.  This should be a no call. 

In other Boston related news, DirtDogs points out that ESPN called the Yankees AL Champs.  The Sox finally win a ring after 86 years and still get no respect.

In other Yankees news, I find it laughable that the cover of today’s NYPost Sports section shows Randy Johnson after losing instead of showing a Met after putting up 16 runs on the Phillies.  No respect for the "New Mets."

Link: – MLB – Boston police seek charges vs. fans in Sheffield scuffle.

BOSTON — Boston police are seeking misdemeanor criminal charges against two fans who were involved in a scuffle with New York Yankees outfielder Gary Sheffield during the eighth inning of a Yankees-Red Sox game at Fenway Park last Thursday.

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