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Boston’s poseurs have nothing on us Philly fans

Feb 3, 2005, 10:48 AM EDT

This guy says what he really thinks.    He rips into the Pats "fans" pretty good and gets some jabs in at the wicked stoop-ed Sox drones.  Does every male in Boston own the same exact Red Sox hat?

Link: – NFL Playoffs- Boston’s poseurs have nothing on us Philly fans.

Like most bandwagonish fans (see also Redskins fans if they ever witness another winning season) the Patriots fan is a grossly cocky fan when things are going well. With the recent success of the Pats, the region’s fans have adopted the snobbish air of Frasier Crane.

While I’m on Boston fans, let us address baseball. The Red Sox fans like to think of themselves as heroes because they rooted for a team that hadn’t won a World Series since 1918. In the immortal words of former Eagles running back Brian Mitchell, "Whoopdee damn doo." Try one World Series win in 120 years you Bill Buckner-whining pansies.

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