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Brain Freeze

Sep 6, 2006, 12:56 AM EDT


Every now and then I get e-mails from people telling me they love the Eagles, enjoy The700Level, sometimes they want me to drive their kids to school.  Sometimes people want me to read books about sports which they wrote, link to their awesome blog that nobody reads, or just say they think Chase Utley is dreamy.  Most of the time I respond with an email at least; I once even got a free tee shirt from McNally’s Tavern. (Thanks!)

But when someone includes pictures of fat guys eating ice cream, I have to share it with all of you:

Turkey Hill Dairy and 94.1 FREE FM (WYSP)
are teaming up to create a series of ice cream eating contests to be held
immediately prior to Philadelphia Eagles home games outside Lincoln Financial
Field. I know, it’s not a cheesesteak wit contest, but it’s the
next best thing. Two contests are already in the books and two more remain
(Sunday 9/17 and Monday 10/2). The winners of each of the four contests will
receive an autographed jersey and football and will be one of four competitors
to advance to the finals on Sunday, October 8.

wins on October 8 will receive a trip for two to Tampa, Florida
to see the Eagles take on the Bucs on October 22.
Not a bad prize for sucking down a half gallon of ice cream. By
the way, the flavor is Eagles Touchdown Sundae and each contest is 3 minutes

To register to enter the qualifying
matches on 9/17 and 10/2, visit
All participants (win or lose) will receive some autographed Brian Dawkins gear
to go along with a serious case of brain freeze. 94.1 will also be giving away
tickets to that day’s game to one lucky contestant chosen at random.

I’m sure some of you out there are indeed a bit over weight and enjoy a good tub of Turkey Hill from time to time while you watch infomercials at 5AM after the Phillies late night replay.  You should put those skills to work and win some free Eagles gear!

Two more pictures of previous contests after the jump.