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Brandon Graham Compares Denard Robinson and Michael Vick’s Speed

Sep 15, 2010, 1:57 PM EDT

The biggest story line early in this college football season has been the ridiculous play of Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson. He showed off his amazing quickness last week in helping defeat the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, but just how fast is he? One guy we’re all familiar with, Eagles rookie Brandon Graham spent last season on the same team as Shoelace and compares his speed to that of current teammate Michael Vick.

“Both of them are pretty fast, I just think Vick’s older; he’s not really that fast like how Shoelace is,” Graham said. “I think Shoelace is more quick than Vick, but Vick, he gets away; he’s pretty fast still. And I think Shoelace might have got him by a couple steps.”

What’s also interesting to me is just how quick Michael Vick still is at the ripe old age of 30. Steve Young, another quarterback who knows a thing or two about scrambling, said on Sunday that Vick’s explosiveness is second to only one player in the NFL, the Titans’ Chris Johnson.* That’s some high praise for a quarterback.

>>Eagles’ Brandon Graham gives U-M a thumbs-up [Detroit Freep]

*We’re paraphrasing what Young said about Vick on Sunday because we couldn’t find the exact quote online.

Some of Shoelace’s highlights from Saturday: