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Brett Favre Is Not Coming to Philly

Jul 24, 2008, 8:11 AM EDT

Obviously, any Eagles fan who knows half a shit could tell you this. Les Bowen’s take on the really bad Sporting News article is on point.

In fact, he [Brett] absolutely is not coming.

You heard it here first.

But I thought it first!

Les continues:

So why are we wasting your time writing this?

Because every time some random bit of incoherent nonsense hits the internet, we are expected to spring into action.

Brett Favre to Philly. It’s good for a laugh. I will not link to the original story because Les’ take is much more entertaining and actually has an iota of credibility.

>>Yeah, This Makes Sense [Daily News]

And here’s a video of Donovan on the NFL Network yesterday: (via Inside the Eagles)