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Brett Myers Sign

Jul 24, 2006, 11:47 AM EDT

Myerswifesign_1Brett Myers took the mound yesterday for the first time in Philadelphia since the incident last month in Boston.  The fans reaction at the game was reportedly rather tame.  This is likely due to the fact that no one wants to go watch the Phillies anymore.  But some fans did come out to heckle and heckle they did.  This photo from the Inquirer, while not being very eloquent, gets the message across rather nicely.

One typical moron caller to 610 WIP yesterday said he heard that Lieberthal had a plan in place if Myers got into any trouble: take a picture of Myers wife out of his pocket and place it in his catchers mitt.  Damn.

-Inquirer Photos of Phillies 5 to 1 loss to Atlanta
-Most Fans Giving Myers a Second Chance [Inquirer]:

A kid in a T.O. jersey in the right-field seats was booed louder than
Myers. Third-base coach Bill Dancy drew more derision from the crowd
when he held Pat Burrell on a hit by David Bell in the second inning.

Mostly, Myers was cheered.

Well that’s pretty disappointing.  Except for the booing a kid in the T.O. jersey part.