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Broad Street Run 2007

May 7, 2007, 10:33 AM EDT

The Broad Street run took place yesterday.  My girlfriend ran.  I watched.  Here is what she had to say:

Clad in spandex, sweatbands, and even Spiderman outfits, 15,000 runners sliced through Philadelphia yesterday for the Broad Street Run. The 10-mile course stretched from the Albert Einstein Hospital in North Philly to the Navy Yard in South Philly. Some race highlights:

Mile 1: See Exit sign for Roosevelt Boulevard. Realize I am 45 blocks from City Hall, 90 blocks from finish line. Shit.
Mile 2: Entire congregation – preacher, chorus, old women in pastel suits and floppy hats – stand on church steps, cheering.
Mile 3: Spot couple with adorable match T-shirts: Mr. Bolton and Mrs. Almost Bolton. The couple that runs together stays together. I’m just saying.
Mile 4: Speaking of couples, see two men attached at the wrist with some sort of rope. Get closer and realize one man is blind and the other man is his running guide. Makes your excuses feel lame, huh? Inspired, I forget about the massive blister forming on my right heel.
Mile 5: 20-piece brass band plays "Louie Louie" on the corner of Broad & Arch.
City Hall: Ed Rendell, sporting a black Adidas track suit and looking damn fine, slaps high fives.
Mile 6: See runner carrying Virginia Tech flag.
Mile 7: Gigantic Elvis cutout. So South Philly.
Mile 8: Somebody is pumping the Rocky theme song. Crowd responds by collectively pumping fists in the air.
Mile 9: Bob Brady signs plastered all over Sports Complex entrance. Am reminded how much I like Michael Nutter.
Navy Yard: Finish! Exhausted. And ready for vacation.

Enrico note: Ed Rendell?? This guy?? Whahuh?

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