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Cause there aint no doubt I love this land

Jul 5, 2006, 9:09 AM EDT

JoeychestnutkobayashiIn true celebration of Americana on the 4th of July, Kobayashi won the Nathan’s hot dog eating competition in Brooklyn by eating 53 3/4 dogs in 12 minutes.  You can watch the competition over at ESPN.  Kobayashi trailed Joey Chestnut, the winner of this years Wing Bowl 14; the same guy who drank a gallon of milk in about 40 seconds, for the majority of the competition.  The commentary done on this video is simply poetic, metaphoric bliss.  Give it a go.
-Wiener-eater wins 6th straight [Boston]
-Where will A.I. end up? [Philly]
-Italians are better than Germans.  It’s true. [FIFA]
-Have a little bit of trouble capturing those fireworks last night on the Parkway with your digital camera?  Alas, the Geeks Guide to Fireworks. [Wired]
-I would just like to note that sucks.  I go to in search of some photos of last night’s show on the Parkway, some fireworks, etc. and all I get are photos of a parade in Lansdowne.  In contrast, when I go to The NY Times website, the first thing I see is a photo of Fireworks over NYC.  Maybe the new owners of the Inquirer will hire someone with some design skills.
-A little Trey on Watchtower in Camden, some burgers on the grill, some sun on the beach in Jersey, a guy in a blue suit with a red cape who saves the world, a Phillies walk off win, a little Lionel Richie , even sans All Night Long, topped off with some wet fireworks and some funnel cake make for a happy ending to a stellar holiday weekend.