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Charles Barkley drops “about 400,000″ 100k on the Super Bowl

Feb 12, 2008, 9:27 AM EDT

(Updated at the bottom)

Charles Barkley called into Jim Rome is Burning yesterday and admitted he was "drepressed" from listening to the so-called experts on ESPN, who prompted the round mound to switch his bet on the Super Bowl from the Giants to the Patriots. 


Four Hundred-Thousand?!!!??!

That’s more than I make in a whole month!

**UPDATE** via the great SPORTSbyBROOKS, we learned that Barkley "only" lost $100,000 on the game (well, I’m assuming it’s $110,000 if you factor in the vig).  In typical gambler fashion, he equated not betting the Giants on the money line (4/1) as a loss.  So he didn’t actually lose 400k, he just thought he was supposed to win it.  Which is basically a loss in degenerate gambler-speak. (yeah, I speak it fluent)

Context is a mutherfucker.

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