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Chasing Jimmy

Jul 31, 2006, 11:10 AM EDT

ChasingjimmyChase Utley has been a hitting machine as of late.  He hit in his 30th and 31st consecutive games yesterday putting him in second place on the Phillies hitting streak list with the great "Big" Ed Delahanty.  Big Ed was no joke either: he was killed in a freak accident when he was swept over Niagra Falls in 1903.  Holy Shit.

-Baseball HOF: Ed Delahanty
-These guys aren’t writing off ’06 yet [Daily News]
-Rheal Cormier, lovingly known as Frenchie, has been traded to the Reds for a 23 year old starter.  The average age of the Phillies has declined by 6.57 years in the past week.  Okay I made that number up. [Beerleaguer]
-Bobby Abreu doesn’t have to worry about finding a crib in NYC because he already has a pad and some kick ass neighbors: Big Apple Turnover [Daily News]

He reportedly owns a modest apartment in the same building as new
teammate Johnny Damon and entertainer Beyonce Knowles. Ten days ago, he
listed the Yankees and the Mets, as well as the Red Sox and Angels, as
the four teams to which he would be willing to waive his no-trade
clause, for a price.

-Phillies Fans at yesterday’s game will miss Bobby.  Chase photo above also from Yahoo.

-Perhaps my favorite story of the weekend.  Milwaukee has got new sausage!  NEW SAUSAGE! with Video [Deadspin]