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Chasing Maris

Sep 5, 2006, 12:37 AM EDT

(Because we all know Sosa, McGwire, & Bonds don’t really count.)

Boy am I happy Ryan Howard plays for the Phillies.  As Angelo Cataldi puts it, "He’s not just a great story. He’s a great show, every time he comes to the plate."

If you watched the Phils at all this weekend you saw Ryan Howard put on a hell of a show.  There aren’t many players I talk about and feel like I can’t find words to describe them fairly.  Ryan Howard is simply incredible.  Sunday he hit 3 home runs in 3 consecutive at bats in the early game of the double header.  He couldn’t get the ball to leave the yard in the second game.  Yesterday he hit his 53rd home run to help the Phils finally get over the Astro hump and beat Roger Clemens.

In the blink of an eye Ryan Howard has cemented himself as Philadelphia’s best athlete.  Move over A.I. and McNabb, you’re in Ryan’s town now.  Not only is he the best home run hitter in the game, he does it all with class and humor.  Howard’s summer of 2006 will be something future baseball fans will be talking about as a thing of legend.

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