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Chris Coste: A Dizzy Guy

Aug 17, 2006, 9:42 AM EDT

Chris Coste’s impressive performance in last night’s victory over the Mets (3-3, 2 RBI’s, a HR, and a run scored) is just the latest in his unlikely run this season with the Phillies.  On Tuesday the New York Times did a great piece taking a look at the lifetime minor leaguer finally getting his shot.  Coste has become the latest in a long line of hard working Phillies to become embraced by our city.  It’s only fitting that he replaced Sal Fasano.

catcher Sal Fasano, who lost his backup job with the Phillies because
of Coste’s emergence, cried when Coste was promoted. “If I was going to
lose a job to someone, I’m glad that it was to Chris,” Fasano said. “He
paid his dues, and he deserved it.”

And perhaps one of the most off the wall things Coste did while he was in the minors to help supplant his less than major league income:

To augment his $900 monthly salary, Coste worked in the team’s sales
and merchandise department, designing T-shirts, holding dizzy-bat races
and selling advertising space on the stadium’s outfield fences.

You have to love a guy who can master the dizzy-bat races.  In all seriousness, Coste’s adventure is the kind of story that makes you happy to be a sports fan.  Definitely check out the Times article.

-Dishing From Behind the Dish: Phillies Coste Continues a Journey [NYTimes]