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Commercial Break: Andre Iguodala and Friends Debate MJ

Sep 16, 2010, 12:00 PM EDT

Jordan In between Team USA scrimmages, it looks like Andre Iguodala and a couple of his teammate buddies took a moment to pay tribute to The Greatest and make a couple of bucks for their troubles. At 2K's behest, Iguodala, OKC's Russell Westbrook, the Bulls' Derrick Rose, the Celtics' Rajon Rondo (cut from the final squad–awkward) and the Hawks' Josh Smith (not even on the original squad–double awkward) got together in a hotel suite to play a little NBA 2K11 and discuss cover boy Michael Jordan's all-time greatest moment. [video below]

'Dre suggests MJ winning the '96 championship (his first since his initial retirement and father's murder) on Father's Day, and also re-enacts Jordan putting up 63 on the '86 Celtics in order to stiltedly taunt Rondo. Other suggestions include #23 dropping 55 on the Knicks post-comeback, playing through the flu in Utah, and of course, The Shrug. Meanwhile, Derrick Rose displayes both a culinary prowess and a surprising amount of sympathy for the plight of Cleveland. Who knew?

More to come, implies AI9. Good thing–feels like years since Chief Blocka was patrolling the airwaves.