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Cote the Killer

Mar 7, 2008, 7:57 AM EDT

For the most part, Riley Cote’s won-lost record hasn’t exactly been what Flyers fans are used to from their enforcers. He’s listed in three of Newsday’s top 10 fights for this year, but didn’t exactly win any of them. But the one thing that has to endear Cote the screaming masses is that he isn’t afraid of anyone, and he keeps brawling and brawling. Philly loves a winner, but we can also get behind an underdog like no other. 

Riley has fared a bit better of late, winning a few battles and some fans along the way. Last night, on MS Awareness night at the Wachovia Center, Cote dropped the gloves twice with Andre Roy. Keep in mind, Cote is one of the biggest reasons the Flyers are having an MS Awareness night, as his sister has MS. Way to fight for that cure, Riley.

In the first scrap, Cote’s hand caught the glass and he was cut on the knuckles, but he stayed in the game long enough to battle Roy again, and boy was it worth it. Here’s Round 1, and Round 2 plus a clip of Roy crying up a storm is after the jump. Also, after getting off to another feeble start, the Flyers won the game, 3-2, on the strength of 2 goals by Jeff Carter (on fire with 7 points in 4 games) and one by Danny Briere.

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