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Countdown to October 8th in Full Gear

Dec 3, 2005, 12:35 AM EDT

Kornheiser and crew were talking about Terrell Owens return to Philadelphia during the Eagles victory last night over Green Bay long before the game was actually over.  Clearly, Terrell Owens return to Philly was a great story even before his apparent attempted suicide.  Now it is a huge story.

One fan held a sign last night which read, "Get well soon T.O. so we can HURT you!"  Philly fans should have a ball with this one.

An interesting anecdote mentioned by the MNF crew last night was how Donovan McNabb sent T.O. a text this week wishing him well.  If I recall correctly, it was a text between T.O. and Donovan’s cousin way back when T.O. was still an Eagle which sent the downfall of their relationship and the Birds season in motion.  What is it with NFL players and texting?  However, it does show McNabb is a class guy and it’s nice to see him get some credit for it.

Watch this masterpiece by Qdeezy.

October 8th.  Your popcorn better be ready by now.

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