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Danica in FHM

May 31, 2005, 2:57 PM EDT

Not sure how dated these are and I’m not into turning objects into women, but here is a link to the newest lady of sports Danica Patrick.  On Sunday she became the first female to ever lead the Indy 500.  That’s cool.  I didn’t watch a second of it and have no real interest in driving cars very fast, but to each their own.

I did find it interesting how after the race some male driver complained that she has an unfair advantage because she weighs something like 90 pounds which allows her to drive faster.  My answer to that guy would be go hang out with Jared at Subway or call 1-800-94-Jenny.  I think he actually wanted Nascar or whatever the governing body would be to add weights to her car to make it even.  Maybe they should also make the guy wear a bra during the race to make things totally even.

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