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Digital Roy Halladay Looks Even More Brilliant in 2K11

Jan 28, 2010, 9:09 AM EDT

If this digital rendering of Roy Halladay in MLB 2K11 is any indication, and we believe without question that it is, real-life Doc will actually look better in the upcoming season than he did in his stellar debut with the Phillies. Via Pasta Padre, we have this comparative shot of Halladay's visage in the upcoming MLB 2K series game, for which he also graces the cover, versus how he appeared in the 2K10 version:

Roy Halladay 2K11

Same icy stare, much better bearding. And we appreciate that. For the full picture of Halladay, complete with improved number and nameplate look, head over to Pasta Padre's gallery here, and follow him on twitter here.

H/t to the one and only