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Done Deal: Roy Oswalt is a Phillie

Jul 29, 2010, 3:41 PM EDT


Roy Oswalt is coming to Philadelphia. The Astros ace was arguably the best available pitcher this trade season once that ex-Phillie got traded to the Rangers. All signs point to Ruben Amaro Jr. pulling off quite a trade with old buddy Ed Wade.

By all accounts, the deal is done. The Phillies will reportedly send JA Happ, OF Anthony Gose, and SS Jonathan Villar to Houston in exchange for Roy Oswalt and a yet-to-be-determined amount of cash. We had previously heard $11 million.

Happ was a tremendous help in getting the Phillies to the 2009 playoffs, but he's basically been a non-factor this season having spent most of it on the DL and rehabbing. Aside from being considered a good guy, his departure isn't all that hard to swallow. Gose is a speedy kid with a lot of upside but the style of player the Phillies seem to have a lot of in their system. Villar is generally unknown to most people who don't closely follow minor league ball for a living.

Oswalt will pitch on Friday night for the Phillies in Washington against the Nationals.

Halladay, Hamels, Oswalt. I just keep saying it over and over.

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