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Donovan Loves him some Ropa Vieja

Jul 26, 2006, 1:29 PM EDT

I got an email from asking to help promote tourism by linking to Donovan McNabb’s list of places to hit on your visit to Philadelphia.  Donovan is apparently a big fan of Old City, "but if it’s the weekend, try to make reservations! Old City is one happening neighborhood."  Donovan loves Bluezette for it’s soul food and Cuba Libre for it’s salsa dancing.  Can you picture McNabb doing his MJ endzone dance at Cuba Libre in his Saturday finest?  Perhaps the funniest part of his little playlist, Donovan recommends you check out a Philadelphia Kixx indoor soccer game.  Somehow I can’t picture number five watching indoor soccer.  Ever.

VisitPA: Donovan McNabb on Philly’s hottest spots