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Eagles Fans Aren’t All Bad

Jan 12, 2006, 2:51 PM EDT

The Eagles message board can be a dangerous place for the uninitiated.  I’ve been a member since March of 2004 but am more of a lurker than an active participant.  Over at All Spin Zone they tell a tale of Eagles fans coming together and forming real life relationships through their common love for our team in green.  Sadly, the story is coming about because one of their own is fighting a battle with cancer.

Pray For Herb:

No, that’s not a stoner’s lament as he scrapes up the last of his stash
and wondering where his next hit will come from. It is an emblem of a
cyber-phenomenon, where a community residing on the internet, in this
case the Philadelphia Eagles Message Board (EMB) (registration required), is mourning for one of their own.  Herb, a member of that community for many years, is dying (article by Dave Spadaro is here.)
The outpouring of love is amazing, and while this cyber-community has
many members who have met each other, it is not like these people are
lifelong friends. They all met on a Message Board, yet their love,
support, grief, it is very real and touching. I makes me dizzy in a
sense, that so much connection can be felt by so many whose real world
connection is mostly through a modem.

There is much more over at All Spin Zone for you to check out.  The Eagles Message Board does a lot of good from helping fallen troops to helping their members who are in need.  Here’s to Herb, an Eagles fan.