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Eagles State of Mind Is All In

Aug 4, 2008, 2:50 PM EDT

An excited Jeffrey Lurie delivered his annual State of the Team Address this afternoon, and the message was very clear: the Eagles are trying to win now.  "This is going for it. That’s our approach. It’s pedal-to-the-metal. That’s what every move is based on, or what every attempted move is based on, with an eye toward the present and an eye toward the future."

The Birds owner also took a series of questions about all the high profile contract disputes, defending the team’s position on signing its young players to long term deals while admitting Westbrook probably deserves a new deal.  With the team an estimated $19 million under the cap and Lurie on his side, it will be a surprise if BWest goes into the regular season without a new deal.  It does not sound like Lito will be so lucky.

My only gripe with the interview was Lurie concedes he is out of the loop on the Shawn Andrews situation.  I honestly can’t imagine Jerry Jones or Dan Snyder not picking up the phone if this was one of their high profile players.

Watch Jeffrey Lurie State of the Team Press Conference