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Eagles Tickets Don’t Grow on Trees

Jan 4, 2007, 1:40 AM EDT

If you’re going to buy Eagles tickets from a third party, please, use some common sense.  This lady got scammed out of 700 bucks in a fake deal for Falcons tickets.  First of all, anybody on the Internet who deals with Western Union is suspect — and doubly suspect if they live overseas.  Come on lady. [Penn Live]

Again, if you choose an in person purchase over the Internet, be especially weary near subways. [Fox Philly]

Instead of forking over hundreds of bucks for a ticket to the Giants playoff game, why not buy a new HDTV? [Amazon]

The odds that the Eagles win the Super Bowl is currently 11-1. [CNW]

Apparently Jeff Garcia has the mouth of a trucker. [Daily Local]

Shockey may play on Sunday if his ankle continues to improve. [SacBee]

And perhaps the most exciting news I read all day, "Devine also said that will soon get a new look, chucking a design inherited from former owner Knight Ridder Inc." Thank god.  I can’t say enough how much I hate the current design and layout. [AP Wire]

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