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Eagles v. Steelers Superbowl Dreamy?

Jan 6, 2005, 4:48 PM EDT

Is Pittsburgh really part of Pennsylvania?  They should be part of West Virginia or something.  I don’t even think of them as the same state as Philadelphia.  So does anyone besides the hicks in middle of nowhere PA care about a Steelers v. Eagles Superbowl?  I guess so, because Bill Lyon thinks it would be Dreamy.  I was listening to Glen Macnow a few weeks back and he brought up a point I agree with.  He says Philly and Boston would have a better rivalry than Philly and Pittsburgh.  Both Philly and Boston are top tier sports cities while Pittsburgh is more of a rustbelt, who-really-cares about kind of town.  An Eagles/Patriots matchup would make for a great game.

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