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Extras: Ron Mexico Cigars, the Mets, Chase, and Puck Daddy’s Heart Grew 3 Sizes Today

May 18, 2010, 1:56 PM EDT

HabsFanHouse2 Greg Wyshynski over at Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy writes a fantastic if not shocking post today titled "Send help now: I think I'm becoming a Philadelphia Flyers fan." Wysh is a well-documented Devils fan, but his level-headedness and love for the sport helps him appreciate what this current Flyers team has been doing throughout these Stanley Cup Playoffs. [Puck Daddy]

On the Mets management issues:

"A half hour passed. Manuel emerged from the room, froze and
smiled when he saw an opportunity to shout to us, "I've got a uniform
on." Then he walked into the coaches' lounge to retrieve Dan Warthen,
Randy Niemann and trainer Ray Ramirez.

Perhaps Rod
Barajas captured the mood of the clubhouse best when he
said: "I didn't know there was a meeting…I knew the owner was here." [Andy Martino, via WoW]

Chase Utley, as you know, is good at baseball. But is he the best player in the game today? [Zo Zone]

Here's the transcript of Hanley Ramirez discussing his "LOL-lygagged" attempt to run down the ball he booted into left field last night. Perhaps more shocking than Ramirez's decision to show zero remorse for his actions? Wes Helms is the Marlins' "clubhouse leader." [Palm Beach Post]

Yes, that's a Ron Mexico branded cigar. [Deadspin]


Finally, if you thought Flyers fans were intensely fanatical, check out the home of this Habs' fan.

"Oh, look what every Montreal fan does! See? This one guy painted his house with awesome devotion, all the rest must do it too!" /Philly fan'd [Hockey Zen]