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Fans Pitch in to Help the Grounds Crew at Nationals Park Updated

May 16, 2009, 9:40 PM EDT

We’re in a rain delay down in DC with the good guys up 7-5, and, reminiscent of the Phillies helping the Rockies grounds crew in July 2007, a group of fans [correction: they were apparently stadium employees after all] ran onto the field at Nationals Park to do what they could to get the tarp down. The grounds crew was struggling, and the fans stadium crew showed some good hustle. Video after the jump.
Nationals fans tarp
The radar doesn’t look promising, but hopefully they can finish this one up. JRoll is on third base, and he’s my fantasy SS. I need the runs. Oh and Ryan Howard is up with the bases juiced.

UPDATE: Game called. Phils win.