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Fire From Charlie

Aug 16, 2006, 10:44 AM EDT

An interesting piece today by Jim Salisbury telling of a confrontation last night between Charlie Manuel and Dallas Green:

Before last night’s game, after the gates had opened to fans, Green made a rare trip to the field to show some friends around.

It was the first time he and Manuel had seen each other since Green’s critical remarks.

Green craned his neck and tried to say hello to Manuel as the
skipper walked from the batting cage to the dugout. Manuel, clearly
simmering, motioned for Green to step his way.

The whole thing lasted about 60 seconds and Manuel, 62, appeared to
do all the talking. At one point, he angrily jabbed his index finger in
front of Green
, still robust at age 72. Other than that, Manuel kept
his cool while delivering his message.

Alright Chuck!  Nice to see a little emotion from the ostensibly aloof Manuel.  Green didn’t try to sugar coat the incident saying, "It wasn’t very friendly. That’s his style. He’s got some macho to him."

I’ve criticized Charlie as much as the next guy for his managerial technique, but sometimes I think he’d be awesome to drink a beer with.  He got some bonus points for showing some fire in his big belly.

-Boiling Manuel Scalds Green [Inquirer]

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