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Flyers Graduate From Movember, Donning ZZ Top Beards for Verizon Ad

Feb 3, 2010, 10:30 AM EDT

Verizon Wireless was at the Wells Fargo Center shooting a new spot yesterday, with a few familiar faces as its stars. Mike Richards, Danny Briere, Claude Giroux, and Braydon Coburn were all adorned in some kind of ZZ Top-inspired playoff beards, which we can see via these great photos shared by Comcast-Spectacor PR guru Ike Richman: Mike Richards Claude Giroux Braydon Coburn Verizon Ad Beards

Quite an encore after a brilliant Movember, boys. This next one's my favorite though. 

Having witnessed a few beard seasons with Danny as a Flyer, it appears he must have stumbled onto a supply of the Peanut Butter Solution to get this bad boy going: Mike Richards Danny Briere Verizon Ad BeardsI need one of those hats. 

No details yet on what else this commercial will entail. One thing's for sure though—whatever the plot line and intentional comedy angle, this spot will be ripe with the unintentional comedy that fills nearly every Flyers commercial. 

Any captions for the second picture?