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Flyers Use Fat Dancing Guy to Do Their Marketing

Jun 12, 2007, 6:22 PM EDT

FlyersdancingguyI just received this email:

Subject: Flyers Dancing Guy Makes Friends

Flyers Dancing Guy Makes Friends
Click here to view the video

That is the best marketing they can come up with?  Eek.  And yes, that photo was part of the email.  I have no idea what’s going on in that video.  Scary stuff, kids.

I know, I know, by posting this the marketing people have won!  Damn you, Ed Snider.

Update: Apparently, ‘Dancin Shawny’ is a flat out celebrity.  I mean, the guy has a myspace page.  Pity us for not knowing.  A fine looking NHL blog named Barry Melrose Rocks has a rather lengthy post about our jolly old fat man in an orange suit.  Mr. Shawny became a fixture at Flyers games this past season because let’s face it, nobody could watch that shit they put out on the ice.  The following is apparently a video the Flyers put together towards the end of the season.