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Football was Played Yesterday

Aug 7, 2006, 12:10 AM EDT

Timmy_changTimmy Chang!

So it was mostly guys you hope you never have to see on the field this year for the Birds, going up against Raiders you likely never heard of.  But it was football.  With the Eagles schedule having 5 preseason games this year, the first teams saw extremely little action.  The action they did see against a rather pathetic Oakland squad was all positive.  Both the offense and defense looked good.  No major injuries.  All is well and only 4 more pointless games before we get to the good stuff.

Just remember: preseason games are meaningless.

-Eagle’s starters play little in preseason loss [Philly]


Lot’s of coverage of Reggie White’s induction into the Hall of Fame at
-Bob Brookover gives a nice recap of the day
-Nice to see that Donovan and others showed support by wearing a number 92 jersey:

"It was very important to be here," Trotter said after White’s widow,
Sara, gave a disjointed but heartfelt induction speech on her husband’s
behalf. "I was excited to come, just watching everybody get inducted,
the class, the past inductees, and especially here to represent Reggie
White and the family and the Eagles organization. It was very important
for all of us."

-Phil Sheridan talks about how badly Reggie was missed.
-Bunkley agreed to a contract late last week and Brian Dawkins agreed to a deal over the weekend [Philly]
-Inquirer photo gallery of Reggie White’s induction [Inquirer]
-Both photos here from Yahoo! [Yahoo News]

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