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Gallery: 15 Photos from Merion, and an OB Marker 1-Foot off the 15th Fairway

Jun 12, 2013, 7:15 PM EDT


ARDMORE, Pa. — What you see above is the 15th hole at Merion Golf Club. The wooden stumps at the bottom of the picture serve as the out-of-bounds markers for the hole. And you’ll notice, if you follow them on a straight line, that they get closer and closer to the fairway.

So just how close to do they get?


Try about one foot. That stump — and there are others just as close — is about one foot off the 15th fairway. The official out-of-bounds “point,” if you if you will, is based on the inside of the stump (the side closest to the fairway). If you’re even with the stump, or beyond it, you’re OB. If you’re wondering why the other stumps are sticking out of the ground and this one isn’t, it’s because the tournament committee didn’t want the taller poles deflecting balls back in play.

And with that, welcome to Merion Golf Club and the 113th playing of the United States Open Championship.

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Whether you’ve already been here, haven’t got here yet, or won’t be making it out and just want to see what the place looks like, here’s 15 pictures for you to rummage through.