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Georgia lawyer on viral Super Bowl ad: ‘a little Philadelphia in it’

Feb 4, 2014, 2:02 PM EDT

While the commercial didn’t air nationally, there’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Jamie Casino or Casino Law. A personal injuries lawyer in Savannah, Georgia, Casino bought two minutes of local ad space during the Super Bowl to tell the story of his brother slain by gunfire and experience with the justice system.

The commercial went viral though, as it played more like a movie trailer for an epic summer blockbuster than it did any sloppy, uninspired local promo. You really need to see it for yourself if you haven’t yet, but there’s fire, sledgehammers, heavy metal music and the whole thing is incredibly well-produced. We’ll wait.

Great, so why are mentioning it here? It turns out, Casino, Jamie Biancosino, is a Philadelphia native.

Molly Eichel for the Daily News actually spoke to Casino about one of the hottest Super Bowl commercials making the rounds on the internet, and he was happy to share his secret to creating the overwhelming successful plug.

“If you’re going to do something like this, you have to have a little Philadelphia in it,” Jamie Casino told me with the unmistakable accent of someone from our area.

Casino said he directed the video himself and it took three days to make. He also said making the ad a tribute to his brother was more a gift to his parents than getting the word out about his practice. Very interesting story to say the least, and worth a moment to check out Eichel’s story on Casino.

>> Jamie Casino speaks! [DN]

  1. 2sentz - Feb 4, 2014 at 2:39 PM

    Other than benefiting from a super super slow news day, I don’t get the viral-ness of this.

    Everyone screaming “Ooh lookie this is viral!!” is so cliche’ these days. Viral? So what? Does that mean this guy’s now able to grub more money from local crime victims than other shill’s down the street from him?
    “I used to work directly for criminals, now I’m a common ambulance chaser”. We’re supposed to be impressed by that? Maybe there weren’t enough criminals in Savannah to keep him afloat.
    And the video is so vague it’s hard to follow. This clown’s brother was just parked on some street at night and a guy just came up and shot him & girlfriend for no reason? What’s the backstory there? Were they parked at corner of Drug & Hooker Streets, or in a ‘safe’ neighborhood?
    Seems the guy coulda-shoulda spent all this cash on making his neighborhood better rather than hatcheting a fake tombstone. So far sounds like a bunch of mutts in Muttville.


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