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Get David Bell a Titanium Necklace

Aug 24, 2005, 9:14 PM EDT

So apparently over 100 MLB players are wearing titanium necklaces because they make you play better.  Someone get David Bell one of these, please.  The article says there is no scientific study done yet which proves the necklaces work, but they can’t prove they don’t work.  Maybe someone should send Lieberthal one as well.  From Wired:

Just like any sports fan, the first place I turn for insight into
biochemistry and physiology is Major League Baseball. So as I noticed
more and more players wearing thin, nylon-covered necklaces made by a
Japanese company called Phiten, I knew that a ballplayer would be the best source of good scientific information.

Thankfully, New York Yankee ace Randy Johnson outlined the benefits of the necklaces.
Liquid titanium is supposed to generate positive and negative ions in
your body that will allow the blood to flow better, and increase
circulation in those areas," Johnson told USA Today earlier this year.

Sounds great! Now, Johnson might not be the most objective witness, as
he’s featured prominently on Phiten’s website and promotional
materials, leading one to conclude that he’s a paid endorser.

When I was younger I had titanium Redline 3 piece cranks for my bike.  I wonder if they enabled me to get away faster from people chasing me?

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