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Happening Elswhere: Rox Lock Up Tulo Long-Term

Feb 1, 2010, 10:00 AM EDT

Any doubt that Troy Tulowitzki was one of the premier MLB talents was abated last September, when Tulo hit 14 homers over the space of 16 days, nearly pacing Babe Ruth and getting his name included super-late in MVP discussions, despite being injured much of the year and trailing teammate Carlos Gonzalez in nearly every statistical category. Well, despite the fact that the Rockies already had his services guaranteed until 2014, Colorado recently signed their star shortstop to a six-year extension on top of that, ensuring that Tulowitzki will be a Rock Boy until the 2020s.

"I'm really lucky," said Tulowitzki. "I can't wait to be here my entire career." Hope that's true, Troy, because otherwise, it's gonna be a long decade for you in the Rocky Moutnain High.

The Rockies splurged on Tulo's contract despite having gotten burned in the past by such long-term blockbuster deals–with pitchers like Mike Hampton and Denny Neagle, and most notably with first-baseman Todd Helton. Helton proved a useful player for most of the duration of his $140-mil-plus contract, up until last year, but only actually earned his multi-million salary in his first few years, providing a mere reflection of his earlier production in his best years to follow. The Rox hope that Tulo will not be such a burden on them financially, but will earn his excessive contract with his prodigious offense and steadfast defense.

Despite our teams' occasional post-season quabbles, I'm rooting for ya, Tulowitzki. The world needs a pre-eminent shortstop to take over from Derek Jeter, and I doubt there's a better one on the rise right now.

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