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Happy Mothers Day

May 14, 2006, 11:07 AM EDT

Pink_bats_1Major League players are stepping up to bat for breast cancer awareness today in games all across the country.  Louisville Slugger has created the special bats for the day.  After the games are played and the bats are used, you will be able to bid on the pink bats in an auction at with all of the proceeds going to help fight breast cancer.

As part of an ongoing overall effort to raise awareness about breast
cancer and help find a cure for the disease, Major League Baseball is
taking the unprecedented step of featuring pink Louisville Sluggers
during all games played on Mother’s Day. The many players who will use
them will then sign the bats, and Major League Baseball will collect
the bats and put them up for bidding — with the proceeds going to the
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Today’s Daily News wasn’t clear on whether any Phillies would use the bats, but they certainly seemed open to the idea:

When the Phillies walked into the clubhouse, pink bats leaned
against most of the lockers. Major league players are encouraged to use
them tomorrow, Mother’s Day, to promote breast cancer awareness. Some
hitters looked at the bats skeptically, but most seemed inclined to at
least give it a try.

"If I get some hits with it, I’ll keep it," shortstop Jimmy Rollins said.

"If it’s good wood, I’ll use them," third baseman David Bell said.

"They’re cute. Why not," Shane Victorino said.

Even the old-school manager didn’t have a problem with it.

"As long as they don’t wear an iPod while they’re at bat or have a
cell phone in their back pocket," Charlie Manuel said. "I don’t want it
to go that far."

The fact that Charlie Manuel hates iPods makes me a little happy inside.

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