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He Didn’t Even Get to See Them Win

Jul 10, 2006, 12:41 PM EDT

-Man, you have to feel for this guy. [Yahoo]
-David Hirshey’s world cup wrap up.  Good stuff. [Deadspin]
-Who do you think leads of SI’s look at athlete’s and their tattoos: a wild and wacky look? [SI]
-Party on Broad Street [Philly]
-NBA Groupies love Allen Iverson.  The article in GQ is pretty nuts too but you can’t read the full text online. [RotoWorld]
-Ryan Howard to bash homers tonight.
-Charlie Manuel knows his time is almost up.  You have to almost feel bad for the guy. [MLB]
-Let’s hope Tommy Chang can help us say farewell to Koy [Some Hawaiian Paper]