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Hey sounds like a GREAT weekend for baseball in Colorado…

Dec 9, 2008, 10:53 AM EDT

Temperatures are expected to be about half the usual high in Denver tomorrow, which amounts to the coldest-ever gametime temp for a Major League Baseball game. It may snow. Could just be some freezing rain. But more than likely, it'll be dry by the first pitch, ensuring the Phils and Rockies will start as scheduled at 9:37 EST, after sunset in Denver, when it will be just about freezing (literally) with a "Feels Like" temp of 22ishº. 

Sounds like an absolutely gorgeous setting for slow, noncontact sport. Oh, and for even more fun, the Sunday night game will start at 10:07. PM. As for how this affects those of us watching in our warm, East Coast digs, the wise man in my Art Department summed it up thusly, "Perfect. Watch half the NLDS at work, the other half passed out on the couch. Phils woulda had better start times if they were playing in Japan."