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Howard couldn’t make the cut

Mar 31, 2005, 9:51 AM EDT

Ryan Howard was sent to triple A yesterday.  This was probably the expected move, but I was hoping to get to see Howard on the roster this year.  With his attempt at learning the outfield falling short and Jim Thome standing on first, Howard is going to have to wait a little bit longer.  It is going to take an injury to Jim Thome, except maybe for the Phil’s short span of inter-league play, for us to get a chance to see what Howard can do in the Bigs.  Howard is 25 and not getting any younger.  If he isn’t going to be a Phillie, they should move him for a player they can use.

It just hurts to see Ryan Howard, a great young talent, be sent down while other players like Jose Offerman making the squad simply due to his position.  Telemaco was also sent to the waiver wire.  Ed Wade says the final squad won’t be official till the Saturday night deadline:  "We’re not sending signals to anyone that they have the team made," Wade said. "We need to see what develops. We want to leave things open until Saturday night."

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