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Howard’s Slam Ends Phils’ Skid

May 9, 2007, 11:07 PM EDT

Out of the starting lineup with a quad injury and a sub-Mendoza batting average, Ryan Howard came into tonight’s game to pinch hit with the bases loaded, and cleared them on the first offering from D’Bags reliever Brandon Medders. Howard had a sweet swing, dropped the bat, and stared it off. Jamie Moyer had a solid outing, as did lights-out closer Brett Myers, who gave up only 1 weak hit over 2 innings and struck out two batters looking in the ninth to pick up his third save. With the Phillies bullpen situation looking pretty shabby again due to DL stints by Ryan Madson and Tom Gordon, a dominant Myers is essential. As a commenter (T) pointed out, Rheal Cormier is back on the market. I wouldn’t mind seeing him back.