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I Love Chase Utley

May 10, 2005, 3:09 AM EDT

Wolf, Madson, Cormier, and Wagner performed their roles perfectly last night and the Phillies beat the Brewers 4-2.  The Phillies got on the board with 4 solo home runs by Michaels, Utley, Abreu, and Utley again in the 9th to give Billy Wags some insurance.  Chase Utley seems to be the new favorite among Phillies faithful, the few that there are around.  Hopefully his 2 HRs last night will get him in the lineup more consistently.

Jimmy Rollins got the night off and Polanco got the start at short.  I wonder if Polanco’s recent playing time at positions other than second base are an attempt to showcase him to other teams in hopes of making Chase your everyday second baseman.  I think Polanco is a solid player, but the fact that he is blocking Utley’s progression is a little irksome.

Ryan Howard continued to look horrific going 0-4 with a couple of his now patented ground outs.  His batting average is .056, that is point ZERO FIVE SIX.

Hopefully the Phillies can continue the bit of momentum they have in tonight’s match up:

Padilla (0-4, 10.57 ERA)
Glover (2-1, 5.02 ERA)