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I love Jimmy Rollins

Apr 17, 2005, 11:23 PM EDT

Phillies take two of three from the Braves in two phenomenal endings.  Chase Utley was the hero on Saturday and Brett Myers threw a 4 hit gem Sunday night with the Fightin’s coming back in the bottom of the 10th to win another thriller.

Why do I love Jimmy Rollins?  There isn’t one single reason, but he had a phenomenal bunt single in the bottom of the 10th.  He is to the Phillies what Andre Iguadola is to the Sixers.  You just love watching the guy play.  I also think it is easy to love a guy who plays phenomenal defense and has tremendous speed.  Everyone loves speed; it gives a player that hustle appeal.

Fans booed the absence of Chase Utley early in Sunday’s game, but when Placido Polanco drove in the game winner to end it CBP erupted in cheers.

Sixers weekend wrap after the Jump.

After the Sixers won a convincing game in Indy on Friday night, they moved on to New Jersey Sunday night and must have lost their game somewhere near exit 114.

The Sixers looked horrible Sunday night, especially Chris Webber.  I haven’t gone as far as some of the Philly faithful as to boo the guy, but he definitely looks old and rusty as a Sixer.

Jason Kidd had a triple double and the Nets seemed to take command of the 8th seed.  It is likely the Sixers will be the 7th seed going up against the Pistons of Detroit.