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If Billy Says so..

Jul 6, 2006, 2:32 PM EDT

Trade em all!  Wags knows best.  It’s not really shocking but has a piece that says the Phillies should get blown up, well, because they blow.

Former Phillies closer Billy Wagner said if Gillick breaks up
the team, he’s doing the right thing. The problem is the team’s
"nucleus,” according to Wagner. "That team has as much talent as this
one,” said Mets closer Wagner, whose new club leads the second-place
Phillies by 11½ games. "But there’s something lacking there.”

Beyond newcomer Aaron Rowand, you don’t have much fire, either.
"Nobody ever gets upset,” Wagner said. "If somebody does, he’s a big
mouth and nobody likes him. They take it as, ‘I did my best. I’m going
home.’ There’s nobody screaming, ‘Hey, we’re better than this!’"

Billy has a point, BUT.. are they really better than this?  Trade ‘em ALL!  Except the right side of the infield of course.

-Break up the Phillies: Wagner says former team needs to make big changes []