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It was a Drive to Behold

Aug 11, 2006, 9:18 AM EDT

That’s how Dave Spadaro talks about the first drive of the Eagles preseason game last night against Cleveland.  Sure the Birds offense seemed to be clicking on the opening series and they walked away with 3 points, but this was the second game of the PREseason.  "A drive to behold?"  I could see if it was the last minutes of a playoff game and Donovan ran the two minute drill without dry heaving while Andy actually got some plays called, that could be something to behold.

All Spadaro hating aside, the Eagles performance was encouraging.  I think the depth at defensive line is a bright spot.  Jevon Kearse seems to be pretty amped about it:

"We’re trying to have a little contest on the line, trying to see who
can get back there the most often," he said. "We’re going to keep
fighting and see who can get back to the quarterback because at the end
of the game, the more we get to the quarterback, the better it is for
the defense."

If you overlook the fact that the Eagles backfield is extremely banged up and we still don’t have a number one receiver, the Eagles look great.

Hank Baskett people, Hank Baskett.  Sam Donnellon with the horribly witty headline of the day.

-Early scoring drive gives Eagles a big boost [Eagles]
-Eagles defense makes a stingy statement [Inquirer]
-Not to put all our eggs in one Baskett, but.. [Daily News]

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