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Iverson Voted an All-Star Starter, Barkley Thinks He Should Decline

Jan 22, 2010, 10:30 AM EDT

IversonAllStar2010 In a season during which he kinda sorta retired, Allen Iverson has been voted by the fans to be a starter in next month's All-Star game in Dallas. We all know he isn't an All-Star caliber player at this stage in his career but the rules allow the fans to pick who they want to see play. It's pretty much a popularity contest and Allen Iverson's name still generates buzz. [video below]

Some have argued that A.I. should decline the invite and allow a more deserving player like the Celtics Rajon Rondo get the call. Opinions were mixed on TNT last night with Kenny Smith opined that A.I. should give the fans what they want while Sir Charles believes Iverson should decline the invite. Barkley pulls the "it's not fair" argument. But to that I say, when are things ever fair?

Personally, I think he should play. The fans voted him in and that's how the system works. If you really have a problem with Iverson playing in the game, your gripe should be with the system in place on how tam All-Star is chosen. It's not Allen's fault.

I say give the future Hall of Famer one last appearance to buddy buddy up with Shaq and entertain us. It's not like the All-Star game means much more.

What do you think A.I. should do?