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J.C. Romero Suspended 50 Games for Using Questionable Banned Substance

Jan 5, 2009, 10:00 PM EDT

Wow. Huge blow to the Phillies first 50 games next season and the career of a possibly innocent man.

While Major League Baseball never said J.C. Romero
tried to cheat, the 33-year-old reliever who won the third and
clinching games of the 2008 World Series has been ruled guilty of
"negligence" and will be suspended for the first 50 games of the 2009

Romero said on Monday that he bought a supplement from a GNC store in
Cherry Hill, N.J., last July. The Players Association had told players
the supplement was acceptable, but now the Philadelphia Phillies left-hander will receive a suspension and lose $1.25 million.

As mentioned in the comments, we suggest you read the entire article to see how J.C. really seems to be getting screwed over pretty bad here. Whether it’s the Players Association failing him or the arbitrator, J.C. got misled.

The thing I admire the most, faced with a reduced sentence if he admitted guilt, J.C. said he couldn’t admit guilt because he didn’t believe he did anything wrong. 50 games and $1.25 million is messing with a dude’s life. That sucks for J.C. and Phillies fans everywhere.

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